Dầu Pha Nước | OIL HT - 3135

Dầu Pha Nước | OIL HT - 3135

  • Xuất xứ: Việt Nam | Nhập khẩu
  • Thương hiệu: Đài Loan (Taiwan)
  • Đơn vị: Phuy 200L

OIL HT - 3135:

OIL HT - 3135 is a soluble concentrate particularly suitable for use on all metal working requiring an excellent cooling power.
A specific additive allows an optimal use for all grinding operations: surface, cylindrical, internal, and external.
Operations: grinding, milling, sawing, turning, drilling …
OIL HT - 3135 is recommended to work on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, standard aluminum alloys, titanium & nickel alloys.



  • Excellent lubrication
  • Maximal refrigerant power
  • Excellent decanting of sludge settings Very good protection against corrosion Optimum bio-stability in use
  • Maximum reduction of foaming Operator friendly
  • Cleanliness of working environment HEALTH AND SAFETY
  • Chlorine additive free, sulphur additive free, nitrite free, phosphor additive free
  • Operator friendly : good dermatological behaviour for a better ease
  • of use
  • Cleanliness of working environment due to fine emulsion


  • Metal working on metals: min 5% Grinding: min 3%
  • Before use of a new product, clean perfectly all machining with an antiseptic. Drain and purge then flow off.
  • It is recommended to mix BIOCOOL 3215 by progressively pouring it into water and with a constant mixing to get the best emulsion.

OIL HT - 3135

Polyvalent high range solution


Typical characteristics Units Méthods OIL HT - 3135
Aspect     Translucent
Density at 20°C Kg/l ISO 12.185 1.084
5% emulsion pH   NFT 60.193 9.2
Corrosion break point % IP 287 < 2
TH range of use ppm Ca   150 – 600
Coefficient of degree Brix correction     2.06


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